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Best Haleem in Hyderabad 2017

mutton haleem

2017 is special. Haleem 365 is brining you the best haleem in hyderabad 2017. Our haleem is cooked in hygienic conditions with A1 quality ingredients. Most of the outlets follow unhygienic conditions to cook, where as haleem 365 uses distilled water, branded oils and fresh ingredients. We use fresh mutton which is neatly processed and checked piece wise to remove unnecessary materials from the meat.

If you are a haleem lover, there is good news for you. We don’t just provide haleem during Ramazan but also through out the year. We see haleem as a healthy diet which helps you being energetic because of meat and pulses. It is not acidic and eases digestion.

You can now own a Haleem 365 franchisee anywhere in India. We provide total support in setting up and management of the restaurant. It is very easy, like sitting in the home and manage at very reasonable investments starting from 10 Lakhs