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Few interesting things about Hyderabadi Haleem you perhaps didn’t know

Hyderabadi Haleem made it appearance for the first time in the regal kitchens of the famous Nizam, the early monarch of Hyderabad ruling in the 19th centuries. And it was passed to India through the cooks from West Asia. Today in Hyderabad, haleem making has turned out to be an industry involving countless outlets scattered all over the city.

Hyderabadi Haleem

Although this popular dish is prepared largely during the Ramzan months some eminent hotels in Hyderabad city such as Taj Krishna and Taj Falaknuma prepare it also on various special occasions in addition to Ramzan. This flavorsome dish has become a popular hors d’oeuvre or starter to be served in weddings and other social occasions and celebrations.

To recognize the cultural significance as well as the extreme popularity of this food it was bestowed with the Geographical Indication Status by the GIS authority. Notably it is the first non-veg. Indian dish to receive this special honour.  Hyderabadi Haleem is imported to different foreign countries such as America, West Asia, Australia as well as several European countries.

It takes an amazingly longer time to prepare an authentic Hyderabadi Haleem and it is at least 10 hours if not more. That is why the process begins as early as 4 am in the morning. The various materials of Haleem are stirred on a continuous basis with the help of large paddles to achieve the desired gooey texture.

Hyderabadi Haleem is typically cooked in a kiln constructed with mud and brick during Ramzan and the structure is also dismantled after the season is over. And it is generally prepared using the meat of goat or sheep however some cheaper hotels also prepare it from buffalo meat.

Some best places for testing Hyderabadi Haleem include Haleem 365, Hyderabad House, Café 555, Hotel Shadab, Pista House, Shah Ghouse Café and Restaurant, Paradise Food Court, Four Seasons etc. Some of them are so popular that the traffic conditions outside these places became horrible during Ramzan.


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