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10 Most Popular Types Of Biriyani That All Food Lovers Must Know

Biriyani! Oh man, the name itself is self-sufficient to bring out tongue-water. Being an Indian or anything else biriyani is something that you must taste and if you are a ‘Biriyani foodie’ then you should try all types of biriyani that exists. Today my list is very palatable because it includes the 10 most popular biriyani types. Just keep your eyes deep into my list so that you can know more about biriyanis.

 biriyani types


  1. Hyderabadi Biriyani (one of the most popular biriyani types)

It is one of the most popular types. Its specialty is its ingredients that include rose water, saffron, and kewda. The looks of this biriyani are very mouth-watering with its fairy white and golden combination of chiken, chilies and onions.

  1. Kolkata Biriyani

When it comes to Bengali dishes, then why should be biriyani left? It is also very sapid adding a sweet feel to it. Potatoes play a vital role in this type.  Delicious Chicken and soft smooth boiled egg are fried with rice which makes it so much delicate.

  1. Mughlai Biriyani

Mughlai Biriyani comes with its royal look along with its royal classy taste. It is the “Sahi“type of biriyani which is being cooked from ancient times of king’s of India. It is cooked with chicken, dry fruits, ghee, almond nuts and curd. If you want to have a taste to the most luxurious biriyani then you can go with it.

  1. Lucknow Biriyani

As the name implies it is originated from Lucknow.  It is a very popular type, very rich in taste and smell and a descent hungry quencher. This biriyani also comes with other sub types. Chicken and some unique spices are mixed so well to yield a tasty biriyani like this.

  1. Sindhi Biriyani

This biriyani is very different in its taste and looks both. Various green salads, coriander, and chikory leaves are its special ingredients In spite of chicken; goat chicken is used to implement this type with beautiful onion rings and other fresh spices.

  1. Memoni Biriyani

Not widely popular but extremely pleasant food is Memoni Biriyani. This one and sindhi biriyani are isobars in one sense i.e. tends to similar in taste but different in look. The three key item of this biriyani are lamb, yogurt and fried onions.

  1. Bombay biriyani

Bombay is also a good producer of Biriyani. This biriyani enchants us with its mesmerizing aromatic smell. It’s a complete performer that will give you wandering feeling when you taste it. Its key ingredients are spices, grilled chicken, rice, yogurt and ginger-garlic paste.

  1. Dindigul Biriyani

It has a wide range of popularity in south region of India which is quite unique, fine in taste and lovely to smell. This biriyani also includes the common elements like rice, grilled chicken, yogurt and spices. It makes better in taste when it is served with Raita.

  1. Ambur Biriyani

It is also a south Indian biriyani. Brinjal Masala is its common Masala to make it and serve with. Chicken is obviously the common element and green salads along with other spices are used in its making. It’s a little bit dry type of biriyani.

  1. Kalyani Biriyani

This most juicer list ends with Kalyani Biriyani. It is actually money saving type of biriyani because the rich masala’s and other rich elements are not used in this biriyani, still very well performer and delicious in taste. It is commonly seen in street stores. Actually it’s a mini version of Hydrabadi Biriyani.



This is a complete wrap up of today’s chartbusters of biriyani types. I hope you have come across one or more type of biriyani in this article. This 10 biriyani’s are placed in the hall of fame in the biriyani world. If you have not tasted any of these then don’t wait anymore just go and grab it into your mouth.

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