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5 Must Try Mouth Watering North East Dishes

India is incredible! If you look at the map of India, you will find every region offers some special flavor of dishes. Just like that, each state of the north east has their own special cuisine. From delicious street foods to royal traditional dishes. In this post, you will get to know about some special north east dishes that you must try while visiting north east.

Most the ingredient that is used in these is locally made, so you will find the real taste of north east. Not just the classy traditional north east dishes, Chat Pati street mouth watering dishes are the specialty of the north east. So, let’s go and find out these delicious cuisines from north east India.

Khar From Assam

Khar from assam
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The special thing about it is refreshing smell and taste. Because of its unique methods of preparation it very popular in the whole Assam. As it is prepared from papaya, bananas, and pulses, it’s very healthy and tasty.

Tenga from Assam 


As rice is the primary food choice of Assam this dish is made with rice and fish. Tenga is basically an Assamese word which means sour. Prepared with tomatoes, rice, fish and sour palak, give it a magical aroma which you can afford to miss.

Alu Muri from Meghalaya (Popular North East Dishes)

Alu muri

The Schottland of north east Meghalaya offers many dishes, and Alu Muri is one of them. You can enjoy the beautiful natural creation of meghayala with mouth watering alu muri. This street food is available everywhere in meghayala.

Chikvi from Tripura


This is s traditional dish of Tripura specially made by the tribe’s community of this state. As it is made from the bamboo shoots and sliced meat, it’s unique and hard to find somewhere else then Tripura.

Iromba from Manipur


Prepare with fermented fish and mashed potatoes, this is very delicious and aroma amazing. This Manipuri cuisine is very popular in Manipur and you will become a big fan of this dish just by tasting it once.


So, these are some of the dishes that you must try while visiting north east. However, there are more dishes like Jodoh and tungtap from Meghalaya, Gyathuk from Sikkim, Zan from Arunachal Pradesh and much more. But the above-mentioned dishes are the most popular. Hope you have enjoyed this, Let me know if you want to know anything else about north east foods. See you in the comment.

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