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Healthy Restaurants in Pune To Keep You And Your Wallet Fit

Are you a foodie living in Pune? But rather concerned about the waistline and most of all, your wallet? Then you can find your true ‘space’ in these pocket-friendly yet healthy restaurants in Pune. You can shed your extra kilos while maintaining a good food hopping on these eateries. Or say, your budget is fixed. But the case is entirely opposite. Which means there are your demanding taste-buds who need something delicious. At that time, these food joints are your saviors. The best thing is that they aren’t harsh on the wallet yet tasty. Order online or rush to the joint for a meal. Let’s start the check out the places!

A List Of Healthy Restaurants In Pune


It’s Yummyy
Place: Katraj
Time: 11 AM to 11 PM
Approx. pocket pinch for two: Rs. 350
Must Try: BBQ chicken, tandoori chicken
Reason to Visit: Move your focus from the list of the shakes and burgers. You’ll get some reasonably healthy food in this place. Hence, the BBQ chicken and the tandoori chicken are worth trying. Maybe you can order some pita bread also to make it a filling meal.

Salad Grills

Place: Kalyani Nagar
Time: 11 AM to 10:30 PM (Closed on Sundays)
Approx pocket pinch for two: Rs. 800
Must Try: Juicy Grilled chicken wrap, panini
Reason to Visit: Being one of the best healthy restaurants in Pune, this place has quite a good range of foods. It’s a delivery-only eatery. Therefore, you can’t order online. Give a try onto the delicious paninis, fresh and juicy salads and a bowl of soups. This will be a satisfying lunch at work.


Bistro Nutrifood

Place: Model Colony
Time: 10 AM to 10 PM
Approx. cost for two: Rs. 550
Must Try: Healthy Whole-wheat pasta, grilled chicken with brown rice
Reason to Visit: Finally breaking the notion that says a healthy yet affordable food is unreal. Here, at Bistro Nutrifood, you can easily have some delicious yet nutritious food. This will shape your waistline much as your pocket.

ProCaF Fitness Meals
Place: Viman Nagar
Time: 10 AM to 5 PM ( Sunday’s closed)
Approx pocket pinch for two: Rs. 400
Must Try: Grilled tofu kebab, garlic herb rice, delicious fish with lemon turmeric rice
Reason to Visit: For a fitness freak and have some targets, ProCaF is a blessing. In addition, their target-specific meal plannings are almost like a boon. There’s even a choice to customize platters.

Gourmade With Love

Place: Camp Area
Time: 9 AM to 6 PM ( Sundays closed)
Approx pocket pinch for two: Rs. 700
Must Try: Wednesday meal, Friday meal
Reason to Visit: Scheduled meal plan for each day of a week. Therefore,  making the choices simpler. For instance, for Monday, it’s Cobb salad, some tomato eggplant or feta bake. A set menu keeps the health freaks enjoying a nutritious wholesome food. Pre-ordering is needed.

The Breakfast Box

Place: Saudagar
Time: 7 AM to 3 PM (Closed on Sundays)
Approx pocket pinch for two: Rs. 500
Must try: Masala dosa breakfast buffet, English breakfast box
Reason to Visit: Breakfast is a very important meal. Hence, don’t skip it or mess it up. Their Breakfast box is good enough to keep a hearty, healthy food meal. Pre-ordering is necessary.

The Eggs Factor

Place: Viman Nagar
Time: 11 AM to 11 PM
Approx pocket pinch for two: Rs. 350
Must try: Anda pav bhaji, noodle red salad
Reason to Visit: Food trucks are trending nowadays. Rather they are cool for serving pocket-friendly yet relatively healthy dishes. Most of all healthy lifestyle leaders love eggs. Especially relevant when prepared in so many ways.

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