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How To Make Popcorn Chicken For Perfect Rainy Evening

In a lazy rainy evening, what can be more exciting than having some chai and crispy snacks? From kids to senior people, everyone loves snacks, especially which are deep- fried, and carry non-veg stuffing inside it. Today I’m gonna share my personal favorite snack which my mom used to make(and even now) whenever I craved for this. It’s popcorn chicken. Though many people mistake this recipe with nuggets or ‘pakora’, there’s a slight difference that makes it not the same. While after frying, the chicken pieces are placed inside and the fresh coating covers the whole thing. It’s rather easy to make popcorn chicken, and I’m sure you would love having a plate of these balls with your near ones.

Ingredients To Make Popcorn Chicken

There’s not a big hush regarding the ingredients. It’s simple and easy to get.
1. 20 pieces of boneless chicken cubes.
2. 2½ teaspoons of black pepper powder.
3. 2½ teaspoons of hot red chili powder.
4. 2 Teaspoons of lemon juice.
5. Salt as per taste
6. ½(half) cup of all flour/maida.
7. ½ cup of cornflour.
8. 1 egg.
9. 3 Tablespoons of milk.

10.Oil( 1 cup or 5 or 6 tablespoons)
11. 1 Teaspoon of chaat masala.

Process Of Cooking

1. There’s a marination step prior to actual cooking step. You must marinate the tender chicken pieces with 2 teaspoons of salt, 1 teaspoon of black pepper crushed or powder, 1 teaspoon of Kashmiri red chili powder and a pinch of lemon juice. Mix well and keep the marinated pieces in the fridge for an hour.



2. Meanwhile, you must season the flour as well as the cornflour with 2 teaspoons of salt, 1 teaspoon of black pepper powder and a pinch of red chili powder. All the ingredients must be mixed thoroughly. Now keep it aside. In case you have onion powder or garlic powder, you can surely add them to the flour while seasoning.

3. Now break the egg and add milk, a pinch of salt and some black pepper powder.

4. Take out the chicken pieces from the fridge after 1 hour.

5. Next lightly roll them in the seasoned flour.


6. After that drop these chicken pieces into the egg mixture. Let it mix for few seconds.

7. Now it’s time to roll them again in the flour mixture so that the coating becomes crispy when frying. After that, you can keep these in the fridge for another half an hour.


8. Now take them out from the fridge and let them remain for 15 minutes in the room temperature. After that, the frying starts.

9. Take a cup or 5 or 6 tablespoons of oil in a pan. Let it heat.

10. You can fry 5 or 6 pieces at a time. Fry both sides properly until they get golden brown.


11. Take them out from oil and place on a paper tissue.

12. Sprinkle some chaat masala for tangy flavors.



The hot and crispy popcorn chicken is ready. So as you can see to make popcorn chicken isn’t difficult at all. Now cut some onion pieces into rings and serve them with tomato ketchup or chili sauce.

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