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How to Make Red Watermelon Fruit Salad?

It’s summer time! Watermelon salad is a must have a recipe that we all love to have to keep the healthy life balance. One can have healthy salad in the launch, breakfast, or any time whenever you think of eating something healthy and low calories food. Yes, these fruit salad are not just tasty, also they have many health benefits of eating. People love these fruit salads in the summer, as well as on the other seasons too. And, in this post, i will show you one of the most popular fruit salad preparation that is watermelon fruit salad.

Watermelon Salad

In the hot summer days, when dehydrating and sun burn is a common thing, one plate healthy and tasty fruit salad can give you real power to fight against these odd situations and watermelon is the best option to pick when it comes to summer fruits.

How to prepare healthy and tasty fruit salads?

As this is a very simple and easy to prepare the dish, you can prepare this salad with very simple and easy methods. Below are the ingredients that you will need to prepare a tasty and healthy fruit salad. As there are different types of fruit salads are there that one can prepare, here I have mentioned best fruit salads that you can serve on summer days.

Red Watermelon Fruit Salad

Now, this dish looks awesome as the red watermelon comes with other different color fruits. This salad is perfect for hot summer days launch, this will give extra power to beat the summer heat with fresh and healthy fruit salad with red watermelon.

Things that you will need to prepare this

  • Cut the fruits according to the shape that you like most.
  • Now, add little salt according to your needs.
  • Add Red onions
  • limes juiced
  • add a little vinegar for more taste
  • Add little black pepper
  • mint leaves for adding flavor to it.

How to prepare Red Watermelon Salad?

Preparing watermelon salad is very simple and easy to do. The only thing you will need is to chop all fruits very well and mix everything well with all the ingredients that I have mentioned above.

It’s very easy to prepare and is very healthy to eat

Here are the steps to follow to prepare watermelon fruit salad

  • First, cut all fruits and onions very nicely according to your needs.
  • Now, mix everything very well with all the ingredients that are required and are mentioned above.
  • That’s it, your watermelon salad is ready to serve freshly.


Health Benefits of Eating Watermelon Salad

Watermelon is always the best fruit to eat in the hot summer days to control the

  • Watermelon is good for your heart health: Yes, watermelon has high vitamin C that leads to release the blood pressure, decrease inflammation. So, having watermelon salad at your launch is very good for heart patients.
  • This has high vitamin B1: This helps you to maintain the nervous system fine and supply enough vitamin b1 in the hot summer days.
  • Watermelon is good for skin: As it contains high vitamin C level, consumptions of watermelon is good for your skin shine in the summer days.


So having watermelon salad in summer is all beneficial for your health as well as for taste. One can have this salad with anything, at launch, breakfast, with biriyani, or anytime when the hot summer sun is heating you.

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