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Picking the Right Meat Cut Makes All the Difference

Who’s ready for some soulful meat shopping? Sure, it’s not as inviting as shopping for clothes and accessories. However, you need to bring food to the table, and it calls for smart shopping techniques. You might work your hands and move those muscles trying to make the perfect meat preparation. But if you don’t know what kind of meat to use it’s a bummer.

Pop quiz: Did you know that the most tender, juiciest, and well-endowed meaty goodness comes from lamb? It’s packed with fleshy meat that would taste delicious if you use it with the right dish. Cooking is a blend of art-meets-science. You can’t go with the “one-size-fits-all” strategy. Unless you have the right meat cut, chances are that your dish lacks texture and flavor.

Say, for example, you’re in the mood for biryani. What do you do? Reach out for the different cuts stacked in the freezer. While most of us would do just that, it’s not the recommended choice. You definitely need the right meat cut to see your dish through. Once you’re done diagnosing the scenario, you’ll know which cut is best-suited for the dish-of-the-day.

Deciding Factors for the Right Meat Cut

  • What are you cooking?
  • Decide on the kind of cut – fatty, lean, tender, or tough.
  • Ask the butcher for the weight for the animal. (Average = 10-15 Kg; fattened = 18-20 Kg; baby = 6-7 Kg)

Pointers to Choose the Best Cut

Color – There’s a lot you can tell from the color of the meat. It depends on the kind of cut and the animal itself.  You can tell from the shade whether the meat is fresh or stale.

Texture – Looking at the direction of the muscle fibers or the grain of meat speaks about the meat’s texture. If you notice uneven or loose fibers, the meat quality is no good.

Butcher’s skill – The real skill depends on the butcher. An experienced one would put the right meat cut on display.

Making a Calculated Choice

The next time you want to make a succulent, flavorsome meatilicious dish, keep these wisecracks in mind.  It’s going to reap results for all the right reasons. Who knows, you might be the next big chef in-the-making. You can create the perfect non-vegetarian dish with the right meat cut.

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