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Understanding The Food Industry And Ingredients

This article is written by Rashim Abdullah, founder of Haleem 365. This article is written after experiencing the food industry in depth by a health conscious foodie. And it is only to help the restaurant owners and general public understand the business and the precautions they have to take in order to deliver or consume fresh food.


While most of the restaurants provide some delicious food. The chances of you eating the fresh and healthy food are very bleak. We cannot blame the restaurant owners, the industry in itself has adopted the processes in such a way at all levels, that you may by default consume low quality ingredients. Unless, the owner of the restaurant is very keen on health and hygiene of it’s customers, you will continue to eat the low quality food.

Ingredients : I would define ingredients as all items which are involved in cooking like pulses, oil, powders , paste’s and sauces etc… As a general customer, when you visit any store, you will be provided with the best quality items, which are bit costlier and fresh. Where as, when you visit a store as a restaurant customer, you will be by default provided the second quality material which is lower cost. And when you ask for the best quality, they simply say, “Sir, who uses the best quality ingredients for restaurants and functions”. So, next time you visit a large scale function, unless the host is serious about quality, by default, the ingredients may be of second grade quality.

Grocery stores are surprised that Haleem 365 purchases best quality products for a restaurant. Few of them straight away say, we don’t have restaurant material. We have to assure them that we are looking for best quality for our restaurant.

Meat : This is the serious part. Usually the meat delivered to restaurants is the left out meat. Again, at low costs compared to the actual meat cost. And since they cannot procure meat on day to day basis, it is usually stored upto one week in the restaurants.

Haleem 365 don’t have any kind of large scale storages in our restaurants. We procure the meat on day to day basis or with a maximum storage of 24 Hours.

Sauces And Oils: In order to save money, most of the restaurant owners use the lowest possible costing sauces and oils, these are mixed with artificial flavours to give the best taste and aroma. However, the chances are that, these might cause various long term diseases to the consumers.

Haleem 365 mostly tries to make natural sauces and at the extreme end purchase branded sauces which are have natural flavours. The oil used by us is also branded and checked for maximum health benefits.

Advice to Restaurant Owners: Restaurant owners should be keen in providing quality ingredients under their personal supervision. Usually people hired for these tasks try to save maximum money sometimes for the restaurant and sometimes for themselves. Hence, owners should be careful about their customers health and genuinely procure quality ingredients.

Advice to Customers : Before eating at any restaurant, ask the managers about the quality of food supplied and the hygienic conditions. Stress that you are looking for a quality food and health conscious. If the restaurant cannot provide them, then leave for a best restaurant. Over a period of time, you will understand which restaurant maintains quality and where you should prefer to eat.

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