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Why you should consider Investing in Food Business

If you are looking to invest, then invest in food. We are bringing you this article to understand the pro’s and con’s of Investing in Food Business and how Haleem 365 is making efforts to reduce the risks and run a profitable business.

Some of the benefits of food business are :

  1. Cash in Hand : Money is blocked usually in businesses for various reasons like TDS, payments cycle of 30 days, 40 days or 2 months. Where as in food business, you get instant cash in hand.
  2. Profit Margins : Other businesses have profit margins from 5% to 20%. Where as Food Business has margins from 20% to 50%
  3. Business Volume : Food Business has huge business volume compared to others. With an investment of 15 Lakhs, it is not at all difficult to do a business of 10-15 Lakhs per month.
  4. Brand Value : Food business are easily recognisable by people and usually used as landmarks by the general public. Hence it is easy to build a brand value.
  5. Demand : Because of tight schedules of the general public, the demand for restaurant food has increased drastically and eating at restaurants with friends and families is now considered to be a leisure.

Some of the risks involved in Investing in Food Business are :

  1. Quality & Hygiene : Most of the restaurants do not maintain proper quality and hygiene. It is considered to be an extra maintenance costs or sometimes the assigned persons for those tasks don’t take their work seriously.
  2. Food Wastage : Business is unpredictable, some dishes might be required to cook in bulk and there is high chance of wastage if not sold.
  3. Frozen Food : Most of the restaurants sell frozen food as they cannot afford to manage logistics daily basis.
  4. Man Power : It is difficult to find man power for food industry. Most of the staff is unprofessional and can not be expected to work long term. Infact most of the food businesses get closed because of unavailability of staff.
  5. Huge Maintenance : Restaurants require huge maintenance costs as there is lot of staff required for various tasks.
  6. Manipulations at counters : If the owner of the business is not managing the counter sales, then there is always risks of manipulations of sales.

How Haleem 365 is making thing easier ?

Investing in Food Business

Seeing the huge potential in business we have entered the domain of food industry under the registered brand name “Haleem 365” and focussed on the risks involved in the food business. We have worked out a business model which involves low investment, less maintenance costs and reasonable profit margins. Usually to setup a full fledge restaurant is costs somewhere between 25-50 Lakhs. Where as Haleem 365 does this setup in just 12 Lakhs to 15 Lakhs. Earning approximate same profit margins as a full fledge restaurants by reducing the maintenance costs and overheads.

Haleem 365 has made Investing in Food Business so simple, that you can monitor your business straight from your home through our online CCTV and billing integration. We have developed unique concepts through which the food is made instantly without much wastage and more importantly we do not use frozen food. Haleem 365 manages the day to day operations and the staff availability by proper planning and thus reducing the risk of man power.

Benefits of Haleem 365 Franchisee Investing in Food Business :

  1. Secure Investment : One time investment. If you are not happy with the business in 3 months, you can claim 100% refund. If you want to come out of business after one year, you will hardly loose 10% of investment, where as if you do individually, you may loose upto 70-90% of investment.
  2. Professional Management : Restaurants are monitored by our central management team across India who monitor sales, marketing, training and customer service.
  3. Quality and Taste : One of the important factor for survival is providing good quality and taste. Haleem 365 has unique and standard models to maintain quality and taste. Our Quality Analyst team regularly monitors taste and makes improvements.
  4. Branding : Hyderabadi Biryani and Hyderabadi Haleem are cult like food dishes originated in Hyderabad. And we feel proud to be the first brand which is taking the Hyderabadi food to each and every district across India.

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