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Profits in Food Business Are as Delicious As Food

There are many foodies out there who cannot live without delicious food. However many do not know that the Profits in Food Business are just awesome. Food industry is one of the thriving business right now and selecting the right business model can make you instant millionaire. The team behind Haleem 365 which majorly hails from IT, Engineering and MBA background has done a thorough analysis in this sector and came up with a unique model which is cost effective and profitable.

Profits calculation:

Let us understand how much profits one can make by investing in a small restaurant with a budget of 10 Lakhs. The calculations are approximate:

Sales in restaurants are calculated on daily basis:

Average Sale Per Day: Rs. 20,000/-

Average Sale Per Month: Rs. 20,000/- x 30 = Rs. 6,00,000/- (Oh Jesus ?)

Average Sale Per Year: Rs. 6,00,000/- x 12 = Rs. 72,00,000/- (Atheist ?)

Average In Hand Margin In Restaurants: 20% (No, I am not saying this. There are some experience guys speaking

Profits in Food Business

Average in Hand Profits: Rs. 72,00,000/- x 20% = Rs. 14,40,000/- per annum

Based on this calculations, you are not only recovering your investment of Rs. 10 Lakhs in a year but also earning Rs. 4,40,000/- extra.

Everything sounds good till here ๐Ÿ™‚

The real game begins now. The setup and management part. If not handled properly, you are for sure not going to make anything. Haleem 365 Franchise Expertise comes into picture now. We will make everything simple for you. Just rely on our system and make the same figures as above without even knowing anything about food industry. Trust us, there is lot of money and we will help you earn it. 

Haleem 365 provides total support in terms of Location Survey, Setup of Restaurant, Marketing, Maintenance, Operations and Business growth and make sure you get good Profits in Food Business. 

To book a call appointment, please whatsapp your details to : +91 9640093650 

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