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6 Sushi Eateries In Kolkata To Enjoy Authentic Sushi

Kolkata, being the early colonial capital and due to the influx of various cultural communities has Japanese influence too. With increasing demand for health conscious foods throughout the world, many Japanese delicacies are becoming an absolute favorite for people, especially the young generation. Previously it was only restricted to 5-star luxurious restaurants. But nowadays a variety of Japanese cuisines is entering into the mainstream Japanese joints. Usually, a typical Japanese meal is value for money as it serves all dishes together in one course. A very general Japanese dish is Sushi which consists of vinegar flavored rice accompanied with cooked seafood items, veggies or egg in the rolling mid-part. Sushi eateries in Kolkata serve it with pickled ginger, soy sauce along with Wasabi. Are you craving to taste delicious Sushi dishes in the city of Joy? Here’s a list of food joints to satisfy your taste buds.

Best Sushi Eateries In Kolkata

  • Zen- The Park

This food joint is located inside the Park Hotel. Its location is on Park Street which is quite famous for its multicultural features. Starting from their customer service to their food quality, everything is top notch and leaves little scope to complain. Internal decor is well suited. The veg Sushi is wonderful because of its high flavors. The creamy sauce on its top is pure bliss. Beside Sushi, NY Maki, Garlic basil fried rice, Kung Pao chicken is heavenly. Courteous staffs are well behaved and make everyone comfortable.  The approximate price range is Rs. 3200 for two.

  • The Wall

It is one of the most beautiful dining places to have lunch and dinner with awesome food, quality service, and a pleasing ambiance. The price range is pocket-friendly with Rs. 1400 for two. Chef Sushanta Sengupta has contributed his heart and soul to perfect every single detail of this food joint. It’s among the most loved Pan Asian as well as Sushi eateries in Kolkata. Main attraction list consists of Steam boat, Sushi, buffet spread etc.

  • The Sushi Oke

This particular food joint is small yet comfortable. It’s situated at the corner of the street, near St. Xavier’s college. Every dish you order is readily cooked, hence fresh and you can feel that in your first bite. The sushi is no exception to that list, especially the sushi rolls are just yum! Price pinch is affordable, around Rs. 1000 for two people. Beside Sushi, Tuna Nigiri, Salmon Nigiri is worth mentioning. The authentic food delicacies have won the award of being the best Japanese restaurant in the city by Times Food Awards.

  • Fuji

A decent, pretty and hidden gem in the category of Sushi eateries in Kolkata. Polite staff, super cool ambiance and a well-curated menu is their specialty. The salmon sushi, tuna sushi, agadashi sushi, tofu and rolls are quite tasty. Price is a bit upwards with around Rs. 1500-2500 for two people.

  • Fung Shway

This eatery is located in Southern Avenue which was a house of several quality Chinese food joints. The decor is bang on. Authentic Oriental food dishes are loved by all. Sushi adorns the list. Pocket pinch is around Rs. 1200-1500 for two people.

  • Wasabee

It is a sushi eatery on Kalikapur main road. Apart from Japanese cuisine, Thai dishes are sumptuous too. Pleasant decor, good food, and quality portions are most noteworthy aspects. Furthermore, Kung pao chicken, pepper garlic fish, salmon sushi dipped in soy sauce and mixed with wasabi can leave everyone drooling for more. Price range is not fixed but within an approximate range of Rs. 1200-2000 for two.


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