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5 Quick and Easy to Prepare Chicken Recipes That You Can Try Right Now

When it comes to chicken recipes no one wants to wait for long for preparation. We want something very quickly prepared to satisfy our quick hunger. And, this is why quick chicken recipes are so popular. One can prepare these recipes with out waiting for a long time, one can prepare these quick chicken recipes instantly. Also, the ingredients and the preparation is so easy and simple that you don’t need to go to the market to buy something special for these simple chicken recipes.

chicken recipes


and taste?. you don’t need to compromise with it too, these recipes are delicious and tasty too. So, let’s go and check out those delicious chicken recipes that you can try out right now.

But, before that.

Do you know how to buy the best healthy chickens from the market?

If not then this is going to be very helpful for you. Read the following points before you go for chicken buying.

  • Always look into a date of packaging before you buy any chicken. Because, we need fresh and healthy chickens for our recipes, so always do double check the date of packaging and make sure it is not too old or expired.
  • Also, look into the volume of liquid that they are using. and look into the smell and color of the chicken, if it looks suspiciously then don’t buy it ever. Because bad chicken can destroy the whole these quick chicken recipes.

So, these are some of the parameters that you must check while buying chickens. As we are moving to quick chicken recipes that quality of the chicken must be good enough.

  • Basil Chicken (One of the best Quick Chicken Recipes)

Basil leaves are the main attractions of this recipe, you will find the nice aroma of basil leaves with an amazing taste of chicken. One tries this recipe with white rice or biriyani.

  • Murg Hara Payaza 

This dish is very easy to prepare and becomes very crunchy as it is made with muster seeds. The preparation is very easy, so anyone can try this dish at home with minimal effort and quickly.

  • Ginger Chicken 

Lots of ginger and awesome aroma of the chicken makes this dish so amazing to have in dinner and launch. This is cooked with tomatoes, turmeric, coriander, chili, and lots of ginger.

  • Chicken wings with sweet chili sauce 

Chicken wing is very easy to prepare the dish, and very tasty when it comes with sweet chili sauce. Deep fried chicken is served with chili sauce and mint chutney makes it hot and awesome.

  • Balinese Chicken Satay

When it comes to Balinese cuisine, it’s un beatable dish that is very popular. You will find the amazing aroma of different ingredients like fresh chillis, ginger, turmeric, white papers, sugar and more that makes this dish so outstanding that you can’t stop yourself without eating it.


So, these are some of classy, simple to prepare and tasty chicken recipes that anyone can prepare with very simple preparation, and the amazing part is you don’t need to wait too long to get prepared, Most of the recipes are prepared within an hour of preparation. Hopefully, you can have found some unique and new chicken recipes taste here, see you in the next article with more exciting and new recipes that you can prepare to impress anyone.

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