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6 Most Popular Biryani Recipes in India That Everyone Must Try!

Hi, if you are looking for most popular biryani recipes in India then this post is going to be very helpful for you. Today you are going to know about 10 most popular biryani recipes which we find in India.Biriyani is a most popular dish in our India.The term “BIRIYANI” is also known as “biryani” and “biryani”.Actually, Biriyani is South Asian mixed rice dish.The origin of biriyani is among the “MUSLIMS” of Indian sub continent. However, with passing days, now this dish is one of the most popular dishes that all people love to eat.

biryani recipes

Biriyani fulfills the main course of food in our daily life.It’s a most loveable dish In India.Besides that, the place of origin of Biriyani is India, however, how this dish is popular in other countries too.But the consumption of Biriyani is not just restricted to India in the other countries like Afghanistan,Bahrain,Bangladesh,Brunei,Indonesia,Iran,Iraq,Kenya,Kuwait ,Malaysia,Maldives,Mayanmar,Nepal,Pakisthan,Singapore, and lastly Srilanka, you will see the popularity of Biriyani.

So let’s go and find out some popular biriyani dishes that are very popular in India as well as other countries.

  • MUGHLAI Biriyani

Mughlai Biriyani is an innovation from the kitchen of the Mughal Empire.The Persian king brought them with a unique recipe of cooking meat and rich with rich spices.It is most spicy biriyani dish.In modern India, we will find this type of biriyani in Delhi and in our neighboring areas.

  • LUCKNOWI Biriyani

Lucknow is the city of Nawabs who preferred a slightly milder palate.There was a major difference between “Mughlai Biriyani” and”Lcknowi Biriyani”.Lucknowi biriyani contains less amount of spices in compare to that “Mughlai Biriyani”.

  • HYDERABADI Biriyani (One of the must try biryani recipes)

The Nizam of Hyderabad was an ex-patriot Mughal.Actually, Hyderabadi biriyani is a mixture of actual Mughlai style and southern, particularly Andhra cuisine.So the Hyderabadi biriyani is a Mughal type biriyani.

  • KOLKATA Biriyani

Kolkata biryani is famous for the awesome combination of potato and rice along with meat or egg or may be its contain the only vegetable.It always depends on the person’s taste and preferences.Nowadays Kolkata Biriyani becomes a most popular Bengali dish in India.In modern India, we will get this famous dish mostly in West Bengal and also in North East especially in Assam and in Tripura.

  • DUM Biriyani

The word “Dum” means something cooking in low heat.Dum biriyani is especially known as Chicken Dum Biriyani.Chicken Dum biriyani is made with Basmati rice and boneless chicken which marinated with different spicy masala.Besides chicken dam biriyani there Is one more tasty dish namely Mutton dum biriyani.

  • BOMBAY Biriyani

One more mouth watering dish of biriyani from the dream city of India and besides that Bombay is also known as the city of capital in India.Bombay biryani is a perfect combination of a flowered spicy ingredient.And the dish which is mostly served with some PUDINA leaves in the plate and a piece of LEMON.

Hopefully after reading this article, now you can’t wait for eating up these awesome biriyani dishes. There are few biriyani dishes are left, however here i have picked the best and most popular dishes that you can try out. These dishes are not just popular in India, but also in other countries these dishes have their popularity and loved by everyone.

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