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Haleem 365 Provides Secure Investment In Restaurant Franchising With 100% Money Back Guarantee

Haleem 365 provides secure investment opportunity to budding entrepreneurs. Are you afraid of loosing money in investments? It is high time you join Haleem 365 and test your luck in business without loosing money.

About Business

Food industry is thriving business and the demand for Delicious Hyderabadi Food is unmatchable across the world. Haleem 365 has focused to tap this market. And has done lot of R&D in developing secure business model. Their main motto is to expand rapidly with zero or no loss to investors.

How business works?

Haleem 365 has takeaway and dine in restaurants across India. They have own delivery app and home delivery team. Thus they not only focus on the walk-in customers but also make food available at doorstep to customers. Research has shown that the demand for home delivery is so much that the home delivery sales are some times more than dine in sales.

The target-based sales operations help them to achieve targets and maintain zero loss models. The limited and on demand menu reduces food wastage and manpower expenditures. Saving expenditures to the investors and increasing profit margins.

How is Investment Secure?

Haleem 365 sells franchises in two models i.e (i) Take Away and (ii) Dine In Restaurants. The investment for Takeaways is an average of Rs. Five Lakhs Only and the investment for Dine in restaurants is an average of Rs. 10 Lakhs Only. Haleem 365 provides total survey, setup and management of the franchise. It provides the required training to the franchise owners and the staff and follows strict management guidelines to meet targets and avoid losses.

Despite all these efforts, if a franchise still facing loss in the business or do not want to continue with business for any reason thereof. They can apply for the buy back. Haleem 365 will either sell the franchise to other interested parties for the same amount as initially invested or buy back at the same cost. Thus securing the investment of the investor. Our motto is to continue the business on once selected location and thus select the location with long-term strategy in initial stages itself.

Investment Range: Minimum Investment: Rs. Three Lakhs Only and Maximum Investment is Rs. 18 Lakhs Only.

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  1. I am very much interested to start a Haleem franchise in Bhubaneswar smart city. On this, I would like to discuss further nitty gritty to carry forward this concept. Would like to hear from you.


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