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Delicious Pav Bhaji Recipe

Who doesn’t love pav bhaji? It is one of the delicious street foods available in India and almost everyone loves having it. When you dip the pav in the curry and take a bite of it, the smell of ghee and taste of that curry just melts and in the mouth making you feel want more. Though it is a street food, it cannot be considered unhealthy until it is made with dalda which consists of trans fats. And when you make it home it’s all healthy rich in proteins because of the curry and carbohydrates in the pav. The ghee you use is definitely healthy and the dish can satisfy both your tongue and tummy.

Do you know that pav bhaji was invented in 1950s by street vendors for textile staff because they didn’t had enough time for lunch. Textile workers at that time did not wanted to eat heavy meals since eating too much made them difficult to work.

It isn’t difficult to make it and needs very less ingredients. If you have buns and few vegetables along with some butter or ghee then you are ready to make it. Whether it is breakfast, lunch or dinner, it is good to go to satisfy your stomach.

The bhaji used for pav bhaji is just a mixture of mashed potatoes and few vegetables mixed with a special masala known as pav bhaji masala. Most commonly used vegetables in bhaji are tomatoes, potatoes, capsicum, white or green peas and onion. However you can experiment by using different vegetables as well. Continue reading Delicious Pav Bhaji Recipe