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14 Must Have Kashmiri Food Delicacies You Should Taste

Kashmir is not just the scenic heaven on earth. Its heavenly culinary items add more fame to its beauty. Tasting authentic Kashmiri food delicacies tempt your tummy and soul. The charm of visiting this paradise gets doubled when you explore its delicious foods. Some of them have been added to the list that you must taste before you die. Just sit back and enjoy the culinary delights of this paradise one by one. Here we go!

1.       Dum Aloo

Dum Aloo - Kashmiri food delicacies

Dum aloo tops the list of Kashmiri food menu for being the most frequently cooked delicacy. Cooked using boiled and skewed potatoes, this savory dish rules the hearts of Kashmiris. Its rich and tasty spicy red gravy makes anyone crave for more. Prepared with large potatoes, this culinary delight is loved for its tangy and sour taste.

 2.       Aab Gosht

Aab Gosht












Mutton has a special place in Kashmiri cuisine. If tasting mutton always stays on your radar, then this is the place to be. With more than 30 different varieties of mutton in the local cuisine, Kashmiris use mutton on the daily basis. Aab gosht is the most popular of them that is prepared using milk and several other aromatic spices. Cooked in an authentic Kashmiri style, it’s yummy and worth trying!

3.       Chaaman (Yellow Paneer)

Chaaman - Kashmiri food delicacies

Have you ever come across a yellow color dish, Chaaman, which is served on various occasions? It uses fresh Paneer as the main ingredient and is one of the most loved Kashmiri food delicacies. Perfect for serving on birthdays, anniversaries and other lifetime events, the light golden fried paneer chunks taste absolutely delicious. It is mixed with turmeric gravy prepared with spices that serve well during festivals.

4.       Modur Pulav


Modhur Pulav

Indulge your senses into a sweet food delicacy of Kashmir called Modur Pulav. It’s a sweet dish prepared from Kashmiri rice that tastes really awesome. With a tinge of cinnamon, milk, dry fruits, ghee and saffron, it looks as yummy as it tastes. The addition of Saffron gives this pulav a distinctive taste. You have this sweet and saffron flavored dish once and you will ask for more. It’s something that Kashmir is proud of!


5.        Goshtaba


This is one of the traditional Kashmiri food delicacies which are prepared on royal occasions. Goshatba tastes really good that makes the day awesome for a food lover. This lip-smacking food is prepared using minced mutton cooked in a savory sauce of yogurt and spices. Its royal taste teases the hunger in the stomach and increases the appetite. Locals even refer it as a dish for the kings that makes one lick his fingers on their trip to Kashmir. Keep it in your Kashmiri food menu hit list before you reach this place.


6.       Lyodur Tschaman

Lyodur Tschaman

Thinking that vegetarian food is not in the Kashmiri food menu? Don’t worry, here comes the veggies rejoice, popularly known as Lyodur Tschaman. This authentic Kashmiri veg dish is all times favorite of locals here. It involves cooking cotton cheese in the creamy turmeric gravy to give it an aromatic taste a food lover can die for. Interestingly, this vegetarian dish is cooked in almost every home in Kashmir every other day.

7.       Rogan Josh

Rogan Josh

Give a tempting treat to your taste buds with Rogan Josh that’s another culinary delight of Kashmir. Its aromatic smell and royal appeal make this dish even more regarding experience for a food alcoholic. Mostly served in wazwaans or elaborate Kashmiri dinners, the chunks of lamb mix well with Kashmiri red chilies to create a taste that you can’t forget for years.

8.       Tomul Chhot

Tomul Chhot

Tomul Chhot was once a staple food in the main course meals on the ancient Kashmiri food menu. But now, over time, things have changed significantly. Nowadays, Kashmiris enjoy it as a mid-evening snack that gives them a feeling of fulfilling. The rice flour snack tastes good with kahwah or Sheer chai.

9.       Nadur Churma

Nadur Churma

How about having a healthier version of French fries? It’s called Nadur Churma which is loved by almost every Kashmiri. This classic version of French fries uses Lotus stem for frying until they become crispy. Finding lotus steam in the valley is an easy catch. Nadur Churma tastes pretty good when enjoyed with mint chutney. Its authentic taste deserves your attention, so don’t miss it when in Kashmir.

10.    Haakh (Kashmiri Version of Saag)


If your interest leans more toward a leafy vegetable cuisine, then Haakh is the best bet to go for. This green leafy dish gives other spicy foods a tough competition. Loaded with the goodness of protein, it’s perfect for a health conscious person. It’s a Kashmiri version of saag that is homegrown and frequently used as a staple food in the valley. Don’t miss its mellow tasting gravy whenever you are there in Kashmir.

11.    Yakhni (Mutton in a Curd Gravy)


Looking to have something authentic containing really juicy mutton pieces? Give Yakhni a try and you will never regret. Its rich creamy taste will make you forget any type of mutton that you had in the past. Prepared with rich curd gravy, its delightful taste leaves no stone unturned to gain praises from you. The other ingredients used in this dish are turmeric, cinnamon and fennel among various others.


12.      Kulcha


If baked items please you the most, then Kashmir gives you all tempting reasons to visit and enjoy baked kulcha in your breakfast. In fact, Kulcha has become a daily morning meal out of many Kashmiri food delicacies for a majority of the population living here. Cooked in a traditional kiln until the mixture of maida and wheat flour turns brown, it’s enjoyed with butter and sheer chai in the morning breakfast.

13.       Tabak Maaz

Tabak Maaz

Enjoy the Tabak Maaz when in Kashmir valley. The deeply fried mutton chops taste so good that you would crave for it all the time. This is the Kashmiri version of American mutton chops that is finger licking good. Garnished with chili powder and salt, the mutton chops are deep-fried to tempt your senses.

14.     Roth (The Sweet Delight)


After making you familiar with so many heavenly delicacies on the Kashmiri food menu, it’s time to reveal you a Kashmiri dessert – Roth. This sweet offering is made out of ghee and is served flawlessly on every auspicious occasion. The combination of ghee, sugar and flour blends well to produce a lovely sweet taste that you could never say no to.

Don’t resist your cravings for lip-smacking Kashmiri food delicacies. Go and taste every heavenly dish that Kashmir valley is known for and please your demanding tummy.

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