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15 Best South Indian Dishes That You Can’t Skip Without Trying!

When it comes to south Indian dishes, you will find different variations of tasty, flavors, colors and aroma. This is why south Indian dishes are so special. In this post, I will show 15 best south Indian dishes that you must try if you are visiting south Indian states or you can make your own and try yourself little different.

best south indian dishes

Then South Indian Dishes are the best option for you. Here in this post, you will get the 10 Best South Indian dishes which will add flavor to your meal, as well as to your life too. We list out some of the easy to do, delicious, and best recipes of Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka which will add flavor to your meal, to your family life too. You can try them for yourself or for your family too. So without wasting time, just go through the post till the end to find the best south Indian dishes.

Best South Indian Dishes To Try


  • Tamarind Rice (Puliyogare):

Tamarind Rice is easy to do dish. It is the favorite dish for many South Indians. It is a part of their tradition. In Diwali, Ganesh Chaturthi, they prepare the dish to serve in temples.

Generally, it being prepared by steaming or boiling the rice garnished with tamarind juice, peanuts, red chili, curry leaves, coriander leaves, grated coconut, jaggery, pepper, mustard seeds, fenugreek, turmeric, asafoetida, blackgram, and cumin.

  • Chettinad Chicken:

    Chettinad Chicken is a very chilly spicy dish. If you going to prepare the dish at your home, or for children, then you can reduce the chilly. The dish is so delicious and loved by many because of its rare combination of dried flower pod, bay leaf, black stone flower and many more. You can have the dish with rice, roti, idli or dosa.

  • Hopper (Appam):

    Hopper, locally known as Appam, is very much loved by the people of Kerala, Tanil Nadu and Sri Lanka. It is very delicious, very crispy at the sides and soft fluffy at the centre. It prepared from coconut milk and rice. It is eaten by the people as breakfast as well as dinner. You can have this dish with curry or with coconut milk.

  • Medu Vada:

    Medu Vada is a very much liked dish of the south Indians. Even they like to have this dish in their festivals also. It is very crispy on top and soft inside. It is a high calorie food found everywhere in south India like canteens, food stalls, railway stations, and bus stands.

  • Malabar Fish Curry:

    it is a fish curry dish prepared with fish, red chilly and coconut. Though it can be made in various way, but fish, red chilly and coconut is common for all varieties. It is so popular dish that you can have it in cans and in pouches also in india as well as in abroad also.

  • Rasam/Saaru:

    Rasam or Saaru is a pungent dish prepared with tamarind pulp as the main ingredient and then mix with mustard and curry leaves. It is a common recipe for gravy in all over india. It helps in digestion also. It is a common part of south Indian meal.

  • Hyderabadi Biryani:

    Hyderabadi Biryani is a perfect blend of Mughlai and Andhra Pradesh Cuisine, prepared with silky aromatic rice and lamb meat or chicken. It is common in Muslim marriages and festivals. The two variants of Hyderabadi Biryani is famous, one is kachchi Gosht Ki Biryani and another is Pakki Biryani. It is the most pampered delicious dish served with dahi, chutney, salad and eggpant.

  • Upma:

    Upma is a common thing in south India to start the day. You can have this as breakfast as well as a part of your meal. According to your taste, you can prepare the dish in a various way. You can add vegetables like bean, carrot etc to make it tasty and healthy as well. The most liked upma dishes are Bread Upma, Aval Upma, wheat Upma and Idli Upma.

  • Masala Dosa:

    Masala dosa is very delicious dish prepared with potatoes, fried onions and scented spices. It is being served with chutney and sambar. It has been a famous dish of Udupi hotels, but now people around the world like the dish. It is declared 39th most delicious dish by the CNN.

  • Idli:

    Idli is the most popular and healthy south Indian breakfast and snack. It is fluffy and savory rice pancakes, fermented before cooking, which is very easy to digest. It doesn’t put calorie like other fast cooking rice dishes. Idli with Sambhar and coconut chutney is the best.

  • Onion Rava Dosa:

    Onion Rava Dosa is the popular variation among other Rava Dosa dishes. It is very easy to cook because grinding and fermenting of rice is not required for this. And best served with coconut chutney and vegetable sambhar. It is used as breakfast also.

  • Kadala Curry:

    Kadala Curry is a famous Kerala favorite dish that has spicy and tongue-licking taste.  It is prepared with kala chana pepped up with coconut based masala, coriander masala and fennel. It is best served with Appam, Puttu, Dosa or hot rice.

  • Sweet Pongal (Chakra Pongal)

    Sweet Pongal, locally known as Chakra Pongal, is famous south Indian dish dipped with ghee. It is especially significant for them because it is being prepared with newly harvested rice during the festival called Sankrant.

  • Pesarattu:

    Pesarattu is a delicious green gram dosas prepared with a little bit of rice to make it crispy and green chilly and ginger. It is generally filled with sauted onioins, but one can it with raw onions and coriander. Pesarattu is best served with rava upma.

  • Adai:

    Adai is a crispy golden dosa made of rice and mixed dals.Adai tastes great with coconut chutney and sambhar. there are many traditional ways of serving it, but topped with a dollop of butter and with avial and grated jiggery is the best.


These are some dishes among the best delicious south Indian dishes which you can try at your home. These are the fast cooking dishes, very easy to make, very tasty and healthy as well. You don’t need so much time to prepare them. So just try them and enjoy the Best South Indian Dishes with friends and family.

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