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3 Irresistible Mughlai Dishes That Tempt Taste Buds

When it comes to a royal feast, Mughlai dishes top the list. This crown isn’t just thrown around carelessly; in fact, Mughal emperors were a great fan of these heavenly delicacies. They ruled over whole India and were not the ones who got easily tempted. Be it about food or anything. So, they used to enjoy some pretty exclusive dishes which were elegantly served to them at their tables.

Mughal kings passed but their food remained here and that’s what we are all enjoying today. Thanks Mughals for making this delicious culinary journey to India. Here are the royal delicacies that rule their kitchens and now could be yours, just take a look below:

  1. Kalmi Kabab

Kalmi Kabab - Mughlai dishes

Cheers to Babur, the Mughal emperor, who brought this aromatic dish to India. He was one of the first Mughal emperors in India who wasn’t a great fan of Indian food. For him, it was nothing but a tasteless food that just fills the tummy. His dissatisfaction worked wonders and evolved a new buzz on the streets – Kalmi Kabab. It not just lures eyeballs but satisfies your taste buds as well. This spicy, succulent and grilled thing is a heavenly delicacy for chicken lovers that come with lip-smacking taste. Wrapped in a spicy mixture of garlic, cloves and ginger, the Kalmi Kabab is literally a must-to-try delicacy that you may find in every nook and corner of Indian food streets. It’s a real and royal deal that you shouldn’t miss to have.

  1. Pulao

Pulao - Mughlai dishes

Pulao was one of the main Mughlai dishes that they used to have in their regular meals. It’s a myth that it’s just a poor man’s biryani, in reality, Mughals were a great fond of it. Pulao, when cooked with a gamut of vegetables, is a nutritious and a tasty delight. Mughals used to enjoy it as we do. Guess who was its greatest fan? Akbar the great who used to eat vegetarian meals at least 3 days in a week. In his old age, he leaned more towards the vegetarian diet and pulao was his one of the favorites. Given the aromatic taste and nutritious side of pulao, who can resist having it in their afternoon meals on the streets?

  1. Rogan Josh

Rogan Josh - Mughlai dishes

Prepared in oily thick gravy, Rogan Josh was Jahangir’s most loved dish from the Mughal cuisine. Cooked from succulent meat, this delicious food makes people crave for it. Jahangir was such a great fan of it that he used to have it in every other meal with a tall glass of wine. It was basically a Persian lamb dish that was brought to India by Mughals and now can be seen in every street side shop. Its delightful taste comes from the braised lamb chunks that are cooked well with ginger, garlic, cloves and bay leaves. Grab it today and you will never regret its taste.

Just located any of the dishes on a street corner? It’s worth losing yourself to these heavenly Mughlai dishes and indulging in those blissful moments. No matter if they are royal; give them a try as they don’t break a bank. Their savory and aromatic taste will make your day.


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