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8 Must-Try Cafes In Kasol, The Backpacker’s Paradise

Undoubtedly Kasol in Himachal Pradesh is one of those places in Parvati Valley where every young crazy traveler wants to go once. Among Indians, it became much talk-of-the-town later when people from Israel began visiting frequently and got the sobriquet of ‘Mini Israel’. Serene Parvati Valley, Himalayan peaks, local food, peace, and tranquility, city-people in search of all these come here. It has fancy cafes and eateries that remain open till midnight. Cafes in Kasol can offer you trippy feelings apart from great food, magical ambiance, artworks all over the wall and a really cool environment which is generally different from our usual daily life. Here’s a list of restaurants and food joints which fall under the not-to-miss category.Have a look!

Top 8 Cafes In Kasol, Himachal Pradesh


  • Evergreen

Evidently one of the most loved cafes in Kasol. It’s located on the main road going towards Tosh and just 5 mins away from the bus stop. You can see a handful of European and mostly Israeli visitors. The price range is not too high and the menu is comprised of Shakshuka, Tahina, Grilled mashed eggplant, pancakes, and Falafel. The place is relaxing, clean with a green-filled outdoor garden, facing the calm Parvati valley. It’s much popular and you can find even sadhus to have food over there.

Don’t Miss: Falafel, Hummus with Zatar Naan, Pancakes, Oreo chocolate shake, Chicken shipudim. Israeli cuisines like Lasagnas and pizzas are also tasty.

  • Jim Morrison Cafe

Probably the most talked-about Cafes in Kasol because of its cool graffiti and artwork, cheap food, good music (classic rock), free WiFi, chilling and if someone’s sluggish and wants to lie down at one place for a long time. It’s located few km uphill from the market and road. A bit slow service can be expected because

Jim Morrison Cafe, Kasol

everyone over there stays in relaxing mood. Hence, no hurry! It’s pure veg and trust me, each veg dish is finger licking.

Don’t Miss: Pizza, Falafel, Peanut butter shake.

  • Moon Dance CafeGerman Bakery

Try all kinds of bakery stuff, and obviously the coffee. Good vibe, nice food, friendly staff is what the cafe is all about. Watermelon juice and chocolate brownie are special mentions. An extensive menu including both Italian and Israeli dishes. Next, to the seating arrangement, they have a bakery. And it’s essentially one of the best that I ever had in my life. Pancakes and waffles are pure bliss. You can also get cinnamon rolls, chocolates, escargots and some desserts as well.

Don’t Miss: Coffee, Juices, Macaroni.

  • Shambhu’s Momo Corner

Just opposite to Moon Dance Cafe, there is a tiny momo joint, named Shambhu Momo Corner. A small shop with ever smiling owner service hot juicy momos. Steamed chicken momo with a dip of two choices, red chili and curd based. A makeshift arrangement is there where visitors can sit and enjoy their food.

  • Stone Garden Cafe

If you like live musiccolorful artwork, relaxing service, this is one such cafe in Kasol. Even musical instruments are there if you want to showcase your inside artist! The psychedelic ambiance, neon lights can teleport you to some other time period.

Don’t Miss: Chicken Lafa, Sheesha

  • River View Cafe

For people craving for more scenic view while having food, this is the best spot. All because of its marvelous location right beside the perennial river. Cool breeze, simple yet delicious food, absolute serenity, what more one can ask for?

Don’t Miss:  Omelettes, pancakes, ginger tea or coffee

  • Little Italy

Again a good cafe with Italian and Israeli platter. A bit overhyped but still a good number of tasty dishes are available. The trout fish served with fries is really tasty. You can offer pizza, Lasagna, Israeli platter, nutella milk-shake, pasta too.

  • Bhoj Cafe

Small, neat and cozy. Little colorful mattresses instead of chairs add an extra flavor to this place. You can try Israeli platter and Tuna sandwich.

Don’t Miss: Pizza, Nutella pancakes, fresh Italian salad, Munish.


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