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Best Hyderabad Street Foods Worth Every Penny

There’s no better way to de-stress than digging into tangy, delicious street food. The City of Pearls is power-packed with the best Hyderabad street foods. You’ll find each of these favorite haunts serving the most cherished quick eats to lure your taste buds.

Here are the most frequented nooks and crannies of the city for their great best Hyderabad street foods.


Located near Charminar Circle, this street is best known for its “cutting chai.” This is often accompanied by biscuits to complement the chai. The buttery, nankhatai and khari is a flaky pastry – the specialty of Patherghatti.

Sindhi Colony

If you crave tasting food from different states in Hyderabadi style, you can’t overlook Secuderabad’s Sindhi Colony. Choose from Chinese, Gujarati, Punjabi, or Italian food with an Indian twist.

Pragati Gali

This hangout is ideal for a hearty breakfast. Pragati Gali is tucked away in the Sultan Bazaar of Hyderabad. If you’re an early riser, enjoy a scrumptious breakfast here. Dosas, idlis, vadas, upma, pongal – you name it, they have it.

Lakshman Ki Bandi

You’ll bump into this place that boasts of the best Hyderabad street foods. Lakshman Ki Bandi excels in South Indian delights. It’s located in Begum Bazaar of Hyderabad at Gyan Bagh Colony. If you’re game for one-of-a-kind tawa idlis and butter idlis, this is the place for it.

Golkonda Special

Golkanda is tastefully remembered for its spectacular array of best Hyderabad street foods. As the name suggests it’s situated around the Golkonda Fort. Specialties here are the onion pakoras, egg bondas, mirch bhajis, and samosas.

Sardar Ji Chaat

Who can resist a tangy, gorgeous bowl of chaat! Just thinking about it can get you salivating. Sardar di Chaat is the proper, authentic taste of Punjab. They have the best serving of dahi that you’ve ever tasted. Get a taste of their aloo tikki, moong dal kachori, papadi, and others. This hideout is located in Indira Nagar, the Gachibowli area of Hyderabad.

Bombay Bakery

This is one of the most frequented bakeries in Abids, Hyderabad. The all-time favorite is the bun maska packed with melted butter.

Dig Into the City’s Finest Street Food

These are just few of the best Hyderabad street foods, there are plenty more. The next time you visit this beautiful city, take some time off your busy schedule to explore and indulge.

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