About Haleem 365

Haleem 365 is well known brand for World Famous Hyderabadi Biryani and Hyderabadi Haleem. We provide multi-cuisine of Non Vegetarian and Vegetarian Dishes. Our food is cooked in the Authentic Nawabi Hyderabadi Style. Haleem 365 provides fresh and hygienic food. Haleem 365’s self owned and franchise module branches are spreading rapidly across India with opportunities throughout the world.

Why you should invest with Haleem 365 ?

Food industry has good profit margins and the future scope is thriving. Haleem 365 is backed by professionals who have good experience in IT Industry. Though Restaurant Industry is mostly unorganized, we do our work through process. Haleem 365 is owned by an experienced Engineer and MBA graduate with more than 10+ years of experience in IT, Supply Chain, Warehouse Management and Logistics. And has a team of Hotel Management Experts and Traditional Chefs.